Friday, June 13, 2008

to touch

so we walk into his apartment and he
flicks on the light and he
puts his hand on my hip and he
do you want a drink
i don't need another but
that hand
feels so good there
and i
am so
fucking sick
of being by myself
that i say yes
this is the fifth time this month i
have been inside the home of a stranger and tonight
i'm not even particularly horny
i don't have that dick drive that
but tonight
i wanna draw this man so deep inside of me and
cry holy so fuckin loud that
god himself
will come down through his dick and
touch that part of my soul that
at only twenty years old
already needs to be healed
the man
our drinks finished
grabs me and
without another word exchanged
kisses me
the taste of his tongue takes me back
to my first kiss
to the first man
who was the first to make me feel
not oh yes
but yes. yes. this.
who made me feel like i was really
connected to something other then
my own chaotic confusing consciousness that
there is good in the world and that some of it
is in me
and in you
and if we can just find some way to connect
to touch
we can heal each other's broken parts


call me Al said...

Lovely. It was so good to hear this one out loud, from your lips.

RoMeO*HoMeO said...

hooray hooray for gay "love" poems!!!
you grabbed me from the get-go and served me the bill!
that god could heal you through the guy's dick is gorgeously intense in its blasphemous sincerity and plaintiveness--well done!
i'm all for non-traditional line breaks, but some of these are a tad too frenetic IMHO...seems like you're trying to lay it out the way you'd perform it?
since the personal is political, I'd gladly campaign for this piece!

JJ said...

Strong imagery to be sure. Nice work, Benjamin.

Maya said...

Loved this piece!! The lack of formal punctuation just adds so much character to it!!

Also, I like how you started just like that, getting to the point without beating around the bush. It gives me a certain sense of your protagonist..

Really loved it :)

P.S: Do you really write one poem every day? Gosh I admire that :)
I could never do it lol!

Maya said...

Thanks Benjamin :)

Frederik said...

Benjamin I feel this poem to my core. It is poignant and so deliciously available.
Your awareness in knowing that we are not separate is inspiring and refreshing to my Soul.

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