Wednesday, August 6, 2008

West Coast Winds

i’ve thrown myself
into west coast winds
wet with sea smells and
the cries of white gulls

i know i will fly
i know this like i know the feel of my mother’s hand on my head
like i know the sound of my father’s voice
like i know the taste of clear clean water means Life
i trust this wind to carry me

if it doesn’t
then i welcome the warm embrace of the sand below
because sand is inclusive
it contains traces of every person that ever touched it and
it’s comforting to think that it has room to contain all of me

the sand
will lead me down to the sea
and there
i will gather together my disjointed dreams
this visions i have of my future
and bring them together for the first time
construct a sail from them
let the west coast wind take me

so in the sky
or in the sea
the west coast winds
will take me

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