Sunday, January 7, 2007

no title for you!

Damn, this is late.

What would you like me to do?
I could lay here
Staring you in the eyes
While you painted me


I could crouch at the edge of your bed
Watching you sleep
Waiting for you to wake up
So I could pounce on you
And make you smile


You say to me
I don't want that
I don't want smiles
Or paintings
Or your silly cookies and trinkets
I want something complicated
And extreme

And I say

Damn. That's lame.


Luke said...

I like this poem, as I've said. It has it's shitbits, but so does everything. The word "supine" makes my day.


Anonymous said...

i really love this poem! it's beautiful. i can hear and see you in my head reading that last line!


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