Thursday, January 11, 2007

This Happened to Me Today

This is not about poverty.

no more chocolate

I told her

i've had so much over the holidays
i can't eat anymore

She laughed
We went back to work
Excuse me,
said the man
his nose buried in a towel
his jacket stuffed with paper
and trash
for warmth
Do you have any bottles?
I could take them off your hands, if you would like.
I'm hoping to make enough to buy a sandwich
for supper tonight.
The depot closes in ten minutes.
She went and looked
I invited the man to take a seat
Then went back to work

i just have these few
but they are something

He beamed at her
You're too kind, thank you.
I'ts a dozen more that I didn't have before.
His eyes
fell on the chocolate
with a thud
I'm sorry to ask this,
But those are my favourites.
I've imposed so much already,
But may I have one?
We nodded
and with a polite eagerness
he took only one
and closing his eyes
smiled, and was quiet.
No, I shouldn't,
He laughed
after I asked him to take them all
They're not very healthy,
And would rot my teeth.
Thank you
All the same.


Luke said...

Only idea is that I'd keep the speakers to their respective page orientations. Just me, though. Like it. A lot.

KibBen said...


luke said...


Anonymous said...

ya aren't you just the nicest guy out there huh ben

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